Alicia Lewis is now the person to go to for anyone involved in student activities. Recently hired as  the Associate Director of Student Life at Wilson Commons, Lewis is replacing Melissa Schmidt, who took over as the Assistant Dean for Student Life at The Eastman School of Music.
One of the first things Lewis undertook was booking the upcoming band LMFAO for UR Concerts — something  Associate Dean of Students Anne-Marie Algier calls “different from our usual fare.”
Jennelle Hart has been hired as Graphic Artist and is adjusting well at her job.

Along with these staff changes, Laura Ballou has also been promoted to Director of Wilson Commons. She will now be directing the main functions of the building, including student employees, facilities issues and event support.

The Dean’s Staff will also be interviewing for their open event- support position.
Algier expresses that the new staff at Wilson Commons is doing a great job, and that they will positively impact the UR community.

Lim is a member of
the class of 2014.

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