JEERS to UR Parking — You’re still too expensive and just too darn mean.
JEERS for the lack of wireless Internet that still exists in Hill Court and Towers residences. It is high time for the entire campus to join the rest of the modern world and provide wireless access to all students.
JEERS to UR administration for not informing students in an adequate manner about Melissa Hoke’s bus accident. The Weekly Buzz e-mail was not sufficient — it should have been sent as a separate security update.
JEERS to the bar party committee and UR Security for a lack of transparency and openness with regards to incidents involving pepper spray at a Halloween bar party. Students should have been informed of the facts and circumstances surrounding these events, rather than hearing them through the rumor mill.
JEERS to the cash registers in dining areas for not telling students how many clubs they have left. One day we’re happily clubbing everything in sight — and the next day we’re broke.
JEERS to Dining Services for adding primarily unhealthy food to the menu. True,  we love the milkshakes, but  a lack of a variety of healthy choices may make it much harder to watch our figures.
JEERS to the reduced capacity in Douglass and the smaller Boar’s Head Dinner that has resulted. Everyone should get to participate in this campus tradition.
JEERS to Four Loko being banned. Now how we will get “loco?”
JEERS to the lack of plain soy milk bottles at dining establishments on campus. No one wants to put chocoloate or vanilla soy milk on their cereal.

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