At the Students’ Association Senate meeting on Monday, Sept. 20, current members approved newly elected freshmen Senators and Class Council members.Four freshmen were elected as class Senators and eight were voted to the Class Council. On Wednesday, the winners were introduced to the rest of the freshmen at the 2014 Class Dinner in Danforth Dining Center in a celebratory event.

Shilpa Topudurti, Camila Fernandes, Oliver Shetler and Alin Ponici won the Freshman Senator elections. The elected Class Council members were Henry Macias, Eduardo Quinonez, Oswald Codjoe, Siobhan McLaughlin, Nicky Aimcharoen, Camila Fernandes, Natalie Astor and Julian Lunger.

A total of 1,320 votes were cast in the Senator election, while 2,224 freshmen voted for Class Council members.

SA President and senior Scott Strenger feels that the freshmen look promising.

“The challenges ahead of these individuals will not be easy, however they have already demonstrated that they are quick learners and fully capable of making positive differences,” he said.

Fleming is a member of the class of 2013.

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