After participating in their first Students’ Association election, the freshman class has selected four senators and eight class council members to represent their class for the upcoming year.

The expected four freshmen senators are Shilpa Topudurti, Camila Fernandes, Oliver Shetler and Alin Ponici.

The projected eight winners for the council members are Henry Macias, Eduardo (Eddy) Quinonez, Oswald Codjoe, Siobhan McLaughlin, Nicky Aimcharoen, Camila Fernandes, Natalie Astor and Julian Lunger.

Official results for the SA elections will come out next week.

These results still remain unofficial until the SA Senate certifies the results by confirming the electronic votes and counting the paper ballots, but it is very likely that these results will remain the same.

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We must continue to rally and march to show strength and ensure that genocide does not happen in complicit silence.

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I truly believe that the "pro-Palestinian" protestors on the River Campus are shamelessly and remorselessly fostering antisemitism.

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