As the final game of the season comes and goes for the men’s basketball team, hopes arise for the possibilities of the next chapter of the team’s basketball career.

‘We will learn from our mistakes this year and be better off next year for it,” junior guard Mike Labanowski said. ‘I am really excited about the ability this team will have next year, as the majority of the team will be returning and be much more experienced.”

The season went out with a bang with the easy win over University Athletic Association rival Emory University, 85-71.

Sophomore forward Bill Serle led UR with 21 points, four assists and four rebounds.

With the win, the men ended the season tied in sixth place in the UAA standings, with a 6-8 conference record and 15-10 overall.

Unable to clinch a spot in the NCAA tournament, UR reflected on this weekend and what this season has meant for them.

‘This season was a great learning experience and to me it meant nothing comes easy,” junior forward Marcus Roberson said. ‘It really showed me nothing comes easy and you have to work for everything you get in life.”

The season started off on a high note with a five game winning streak but issues with having a young and inexperienced team plagued the Yellowjackets.

‘We are a very young team this year and this extra year that everyone had to get playing time and learn how the system works is going to be a huge help for us next year,” sophomore forward Nate Novosel said.

With a 12-2 record after winning the midseason Wendy’s College Classic, UR seemed as if they were going to roll into the postseason. Fate had a different plan when the team lost eight of their last 11 games.

For next season, the men are aiming high and will try to keep their momentum up throughout the winter.

‘We have a lot of potential with the young group of guys,” Novosel said. ‘Our goal is always going to be a national championship and that won’t change.

The team will return most of their starting line, hoping to be a formidable opponent next fall.

Manrique is a member of the class of 2012.

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