Friday marks the start of the 100 day countdown to graduation. Take 5 Scholar Liz Gabster was digging through the Campus Activities Board Office a few weeks ago when she came across a list called ‘UR a real UR student when you’ve…” The list is from the ’90s some of the trends are still relevant, while others are outdated.

Below is a list of 15 of the 128 ideas.
1. Eaten a garbage plate at Nick Tahou’s.
2. Been a pre-med.
3. Fallen asleep and drooled in the Welles-Brown Room.
4. Played co-ed intramural water polo.
5. Had an exam with four all-nighters already behind you.
6. Decided playing ‘quarters” with your quarters is more important than doing laundry.
7. Taken a test with the mean at 23 out of 150.
8. Known what meliora means, What does meliora mean?
9. Roadtripped to Niagara Falls or Toronto.
10. Missed a Friday class because of pub nite.
11. Written a letter to the Campus Times editor.
12. Needed a translator to understand your TAs.
13. Learned what wind chill factor means.
14. Been impressed by the weather at Freshmen Orientation.
15. Graduated.

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