Simon Business School ranks in Business satisfaction

The William E. Simon School of Business Administration at UR was ranked eighth on Forbes magazine list of U.S. business schools for’ the most satisfied M.B.A. students; the Simon School is tied with the University of California, Los Angeles for this ranking.

In June 2009 Forbes magazine surveyed data from various graduate business schools to compile its list. The data is based on 17,000 alumni of the class of 2004 from 103 different schools, all of which were all surveyed about their satisfaction in three areas. These areas include their current jobs, M.B.A. education, and how well their school prepared them relative to other business school graduates.

These ratings were then averaged by Forbes magazine, and any school with a response rate of less than 15 percent of the alumni was excluded from the data. Overall, alumni rated the Simon School well in all three areas.

The Simon School prides itself on this ranking. ‘Key measures of a business school are the satisfaction and success of its graduates,’ Dean of the Simon School Mark Zupan said in a press release. ‘We are immensely proud of our alumni, and their accomplishments continue to underscore the value of their Simon education.’

RED program expands to include graduate students

The expansion of the Rochester Every Day program to UR graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences was announced by the Dean of Students in November 2009.

The RED program is a discount program that is open to all undergraduate students on the River Campus and Eastman School of Music, and now to some graduate students as well.

The new addition of graduate students to the program will give local Rochester businesses an extra incentive to enroll in the program. Moreover,’ the RED program also encourages students to’ explore and integrate into the Rochester community.

RED is increasing its presence on and off campus by providing a new, user-friendly educational brochure.

The brochure is designed to be wallet-size, and it features a listing of RED restaurants and businesses on one side, along with a color-coded map on the other.

The goal of the brochure was to increase awareness of which establishments participate in the RED program, as well as to get the message out to the potential costumer base.

In addition, a new redesign for the Web site is in the agenda for the spring semester.

Donald Asher gives talk on importance of grad school

Donald Asher, author of 10 books and a Wall Street Journal contributor, spoke at Sloan Auditorium on Monday. In his speech, Asher emphasized the importance of graduate school, especially with the changing political and economic landscape.

Asher suggested that, rather than taking a year off, students should use the momentum from their undergraduate careers to get into graduate school.

‘Tell yourself, ‘my job is to be a student,’ he said.

Fleming is a member of the class of 2013.

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