This Tuesday, local offices were up for a vote, but turnout was lower than expected. In all of Monroe County, 25.8 percent of voters went to the polls, while only 19 percent of voters participated in the city of Rochester.

In 2007 and 2005, voter turnouts were 33 and 40 percent, respectively, in the counties.
One of the high profile races was in the county legislature. The Democrats looked to shift the balance of power with this year’s election, and invested a lot of resources into campaign materials. Despite their efforts, the GOP held onto their on-seat majority. The victory continued the GOP’s prowess in the county legislature, where they have held a majority since 1993.

Incumbent Robert Duffy (D) ran uncontested in the mayoral contest and won a second term. Duffy, who has visited UR multiple times in the past year, including for his State of the City address in Strong Auditorium last February, enjoyed high approval ratings in his first term.
During his first term, Duffy focused on fighting crime and claimed success in doing so.

However, over the past two weeks, there have been a number of shootings, including two homicides. For his second term, Duffy says that neighborhood investment will be a major focus, as well as continuing to improve public safety.

In a race closer to the River Campus, City Councilman Dana Miller won re-election on Tuesday. Miller, a resident of the 19th Ward, has been instrumental in the ongoing development at Brooks Landing.

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