As promised, here are two more restaurants that will woo any first date with delicious food, exemplary service and a romantic, loving atmosphere.

Is like: California Rollin’ but more fresh
Address: 682 Park Avenue
Located: Right across from the CVS on Park Avenue.

Your clothing shouldn’t consist of a hoodie and pajama pants, but don’t choose to be very fancy, either. Imagine that you are visiting a family member for dinner. The restaurant is frequented by yuppie types coming for lunch or by an older crowd as a site for a low-key date. If you like sushi and sashimi, you have come to the right place. The dcor is nice, and the restaurant is neat and clean, although it is a bit on the tiny side.

The food is expensive, as is the case at most sushi places, but its probably worth it, considering the sushi looked fresh, as opposed to some of the other sushi restaurants around the Rochester area with sushi looking as if it had been sitting out for a day too long. With appetizers like seaweed salad ranging from $7 to a standard of around $12 roll, you shouldn’t expect to gorge yourself or come out feeling full unless you are willing to blow at least $50 on a sushi extravaganza.

The restaurant itself serves a variety of interesting rolls, which is its main draw, such as the Mistletoe Roll, comprised of salmon, cream cheese and cranberries. If your date is a sushi lover, this would probably be a good choice.

Tony D’s
Is like: Carrabba’s but cheaper
Address: 288 Exchange Boulevard
Located: Inside the Corn Hill Landing living complex.

The preferred clothing style at this restaurant is casual, and it is frequented by an older crowd groups of students from the Med Center who come here for an upscale meal. The restaurant itself has a bar downstairs where people can drink and order anything on the menu and a restaurant seating upstairs where you can watch your food being cooked. A hot bread basket equipped with oil and vinegar is served to you while you wait. Tony D’s is famous for its gourmet coal-fired pizza that is made right where you can see it. You pick the toppings, and you can order a personal pizza for around $9 or a large one for under $15. There is not a thing on the menu that I have not found to be delicious, so if you are in the mood for Italian food, then this is definitely the right place to take your date.

The food is priced very reasonably, and the helpings are huge, so expect to have leftovers to take home. The most expensive dish on the menu is around $22, and you can choose from a variety of fish, chicken and seafood dishes that will satisfy any picky eaters if the pizza is not to their liking.

Jung is a member of the class of 2011.

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