UR administrators across the board have been striving to accommodate students living in Riverview Apartments; however, UR Parking and Transportation has had notable problems. As this is Riverview’s debut year, students should expect some discomfort in the transition period, but student concerns should still be recognized and dealt with quickly.

The first issue is the lack of shuttles going to and from Riverview on weekends. Shuttles don’t run until 6 p.m. on weekends this is unacceptable. While Director of Parking and Transportation Glen Sicard said that they would work hard to increase the number of shuttles during this time, the allowance for budget constraints and the lack of a resounding ‘yes” offered little reassurance. Running these shuttles should be a top priority. As students at the Town Hall meeting pointed out, the student body was assured that their academic needs would be met. Saturday and Sunday are vital times for UR students to study, and this lack of transportation is a noticeable detriment to living in Riverview.

Another complaint has been the lack of punctuality of the shuttles looping to Riverview. UR Parking should be held accountable for this, but students should recognize the limitations of this office over the shuttles’ daily workings, as First Transit runs its day-to-day operations. UR Parking nonetheless made the right move in withdrawing support for the general manager of First Transit, symbolizing its commitment to punctuality; hopefully, this move will spur a return to reliability.

Additionally, UR Parking’s effort is well spent in purchasing two GPS TV’s and in remaking the hard copy of the shuttle schedule. These features, though, should not be prioritized over improving weekend shuttle schedules to Riverview.

Though UR Parking is working hard to address these concerns, the office needs to be able to recognize students’ needs more promptly. Thus, the new focus group comprised of Sicard, Associate Vice President of Facilities and Services Richard Pifer and two students is a respectable installment. Such a visible group should be productive in highlighting issues as they crop up around Riverview.

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