Two UR professors were elected to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) this year.

The two professors are Dean of the UR School of Medicine and Dentistry David Guzick, M.D., Ph.D. and Professor of Neurology, Pharmacology and Medicine at the School of Medicine and Dentistry Ira Shoulson, M.D.

Guzick is also a professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Shoulson is a neurologist who has pioneered research methods that have led to new treatments for Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease

Only 65 new members are elected to the IOM each year. There are about 1,600 members in total. UR has 16 faculty members in the IOM.

‘Election to the Institute of Medicine represents recognition by peers that a person has made major contributions to medicine and can provide important service to the nation,” UR President Joel Seligman said. ‘This is truly a great honor.”

The new IOM members both feel this honor was bestowed upon them because of collaboration.

‘I am extremely humbled by this honor,” Guzick said. ‘My achievements reflect the profound influence of my clinical and research mentors, my collaborators and the altruism of the many women and men who volunteered to participate in the research studies that my colleagues and I have conducted.”

Members of the IOM such as Guzick and Shoulson are expected to volunteer on the various policy-making committees.

Schneier is a member of the class of 2011.

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