At about 9:50 p.m. on Nov. 5, a suspect was located and arrested after a male graduate student reported a robbery in UR Medical Center Annex Parking Lot 7.

The student had been walking from the River Campus toward the Medical Center on the path between Intercampus Drive and Lot.

According to UR Security Director Walter Mauldin, a lone male suspect approached the student as he was walking through the parking lot.

The suspect gestured as though he had a concealed weapon in his pocket. He then demanded the student surrender his valuables. The student handed over his wallet and cell phone.

The suspect took a bank card from the wallet and told the student to stay in the parking lot.

The suspect then fled, running east toward Elmwood Avenue. There was no weapon displayed. The student was not injured in the incident.

When the student felt it was safe, he walked back to the pedestrian path and notified Security from the Blue Light Emergency Phone. The student described the suspect to the security officer on the other end of the line.

Security alerted the Rochester Police Department, and a few minutes later a team of security officers and Rochester police conducted a check of the surrounding areas.

Security eventually located the suspect at the South Entrance of Strong Memorial Hospital.

The suspect was observed as he left the area and proceeded east on Crittenden Boulevard. toward Mt. Hope Ave.

Rochester Police pinpointed and arrested the suspect in Medical Lot 4.

Security is reviewing video from CCTV cameras. Any images that may be connected to this incident will be given to the Rochester Police Department.

Laptop stolen in Carlson Library

On Sunday, Nov. 10 at 5:44 p.m., a student reported a missing laptop in Carlson Library.
According to Mauldin, the student left his 15-inch black Dell Inspiron laptop on a desk in the library while he took a break.

When the student returned to his desk, the laptop was missing.

The student decided not to file a report for the Rochester Police Department.

Unidentified suspect harasses Carlson staff

On Monday, Nov. 11, an unidentified male in Carlson Library approached a male staff member asking if he knew whether a ‘computer chip” was in the staffer’s possession.
The staff member told the suspect that he did not have a computer chip.

According to Mauldin, the suspect proceeded to ask whether a computer chip would work in a Carlson Library computer.

The staff member said that he did not think it would work.

After this, the suspect approached a patron of the library.

The student asked the suspect if he was a UR student, and the suspect replied that he was not.

The suspect then left the area when the patron told him that he was going to call UR Security on the suspect.

UR security officers checked the areas but did not locate the suspect.

Schneier is a member of the class of 2011.

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