UR’s new Recycling Coordinator Amy Kadrie said one of her main goals is to involve students in the process of increasing the amount of recycling done at this school.

‘Getting information out there is really important,” she said. ‘Once people realize what they can and can’t recycle, I think a lot more people will do it.”

Kadrie also mentioned that she would be working with students, environmental services and Dining Services to increase efficiency of sustainability measures.

Director of Support Operations Pat Beaumont said some of the responsibilities of the position are to address areas of poor recycling performance, to create an information campaign on campus and to get involved with student events regarding the environment. Finally, her job role include measuring and monitoring the recycling taking place all around UR, including on River Campus, Strong Memorial Hospital and the Eastman School of Music.

‘It is a huge undertaking, but [Kadrie] brings the experience and attitude needed to accomplish a lot here,” Beaumont said.

Kadrie has a Bachelor of Science in environmental science from Syracuse University’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

She was most recently employed by the North Carolina department of environment and natural resources as a senior environmental specialist and compliance officer.

Kadrie pointed out that in the time she has been here she has noticed the University’s willingness to contribute.

‘Everyone has a great attitude and wants to help, which is really important,” she said.
Kadrie commented on why it is so essential to recycle. ‘It is important to be conscious that every action we take today, however small, will have an impact on tomorrow,” she said. ‘Making a choice to recycle is one of the simplest things we all can do to help improve the condition of the planet for future generations.”

So far, Kadrie has worked with student group Grassroots on their event last Tuesday, Oct. 29, ‘Mt. Trashmore,” where trash was piled on the Wilson Quad to show the amount of waste produced by UR.

She said that one objective she would like to accomplish is to coordinate the student environmental groups on campus, which will make them more effective.

Another event that Kadrie helped create and worked with students on was Campus Sustainability Day in Wilson Commons on Oct. 22.

Students’ Association Senator and junior Eric Weissmann, the head of the Projects and Services Committee, said that although he had only been at one meeting with her, he could tell that she had a passion for her job.

‘She is very personable, and I am very much looking forward to working with her in the future,” Weissmann said. ‘The recycling coordinator is a unique position that not many other schools have, so I think we are ahead of the curve in that respect.”

Kadrie was hired on Monday, Oct. 13 for the new position of recycling coordinator in University Facilities and Services.

Beaumont noted that Kadrie brought work experience that could be valuable to UR and great enthusiasm.

‘She has really great credentials and during the interviews she showed an excitement for sustainability that we really liked,” Beaumont said.

Her office is located in the University Facilities Center in Room 107.

Brunell is a member of the class of 2012.

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