In our Starbucks and Dunkin’-dominated lives, enjoying a simpler, more relaxing drink might seem almost immoral. Tea, a staple drink on the world stage (not to mention the commodity that helped precipitate our nation’s independence) is still a fine beverage.

And perhaps for that reason, La-Tea-Da has made the center of its business plan. This restaurant a term I use loosely, since ‘tea house” is far more apt located at the corner of Park and Alexander, offers the finest assortment of teas. The standards of green and black are fully represented, of course, but so are chocolate, peppermint and the various fruit teas we all occasionally crave.

Of course, a meal requires more than a fine brew, and here La-Tea-Da really shows off its stuff. While the average patron here will be dressed in purple and an old hat, and probably escorting a granddaughter on her arm, that doesn’t mean the portions are meek. You’ll find it a challenge to finish the quiche, and the chicken croissant sandwich is surprisingly large. But perhaps the best menu item is the Tea for Two, which comes with a full pot of tea and a bevy of different scrumptious desserts.

The frosting on the cake, though (or, perhaps, the scone) is the atmosphere. It’s pink and frilly, naturally, but the tea house provides boas and hats for its guests hilarious apparel for what will surely make highly incriminating Facebook photos.

The village on the other side of the Pacific

It is a dream to let the love rooted in my heart, from the people I cherish and the land I belong to, grow prosperously. 

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Last week, on Feb. 18, the Midnight Ramblers won the ICCA Quarterfinals at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

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She was gorgeous. She had short black hair, a short black dress, and was way out of my league. And what she did next baffles me to this day.