CHEERS to Arun Gandhi for providing UR students an opportunity to question him at a student forum in March. UR students deserved explanations for the hullabaloo, just as Gandhi deserved the time to explain himself.

JEERS to the two-thirds of the student body who did not take the time needed to complete the Campus Climate Survey. The Survey is an initiative undertaken by the Diversity Roundtable that could have significant effects on the University community, and each student who responded increased the chances that those effects would be positive.

CHEERS to UR Security for its quick responses to on- and off-campus violence. The introduction of the AlertUR system next fall will be integral to students’ safety.

JEERS to UR Facilities for leaving the IT Center bus kiosk, which should show the current positions of each UR bus, desolate and useless. UR Facilities has done a great job in improving bus services and allowing for real-time updates online, but a simple fix to the kiosk would be felt immediately.

CHEERS to the student body and the Students’ Association Government for coming together to keep Dandelion Day alive for the time being. Without the bold initiative shown by student leaders and students themselves, UR would have suffered the loss of one of its longest-standing traditions.

JEERS to Ruckus for posing as a huge improvement for the student body or as a major deterrent for music pirating, especially when a large percentage of the student body is unable to use the program because of its exclusive Windows access.

CHEERS to Dining Services for bringing in Connections. This shows outreach into the Rochester community and an attempt to improve the quality of food brought to River Campus. Dining Services should look to expand such programs to further interaction with the community and improve food quality.

JEERS to the SA leadership for leaving it up to the next administration to secure enough funding to continue the College Readership Program. They did a great job getting the program going but failed to ensure the program’s long-term sustainability by leaving the funds in doubt.

Graduate Student Collective voices financial grievances in town hall

On Tuesday Feb. 21, over 50 graduate students from across the University filled the Humanities Center for a town hall…

2022 Kafka Prize winner visits UR campus for reading and Q&A

From their black Doc Marten boots and the rings on every finger, I thought that Bea was going to be cool and hip, and I was totally right!


Perhaps it is love that equips us with an unknown strength and resilience, guiding the path to fighting away our greatest fears.