In a surprising move at Monday’s meeting, the Students’ Association Senate failed to pass the Students’ Association Appropriation Committee’s proposed 2008-09 SA budget, specifically due to contention surrounding allotted funds for Campus Activities Board. The Senate’s decision was irresponsible and unjustifiably biased against CAB.

By refusing to approve the new budget, the Senate violated the Spending Responsibility article from SAAC’s Eight Principles of Funding for SA Groups. This disregard for SAAC regulations undermines the foundation of the budgeting process for student groups. According to this guideline, CAB cannot be judged for this year’s decision not to follow its proposed spending plan, most notably sponsoring events for Dandelion Day. The Senate needs to uphold this guideline, and in the future, if it believes the rule to be inherently flawed, the principle can be revised. Thus, CAB’s funds for next year should be solely based on the success of its events this year.

It is unequivocal that CAB has been extremely successful, selling out events, bringing in high profile performers and co-sponsoring other programs. For next year, CAB did not overtly set aside funds for next year’s Dandelion Day although they intend to sponsor a spring event.

Senators should use their discretion appropriately in determining the validity of proposed budgets. However, their prejudice against CAB’s decision is an embarrassment and belittles CAB’s contributions to the student body.

SAAC should present the same budget to the new, incoming Senate. If SAAC revises its proposal, it will set a precedent that all SA groups must strictly adhere to how they propose they use their budgets. The Senate must recognize the hard work of CAB and acknowledge its projected budget for next year would greatly benefit the University community.

The village on the other side of the Pacific

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When it starts to smell like home

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An opportunity to create: Turkish Ebru sip n’ paint with Muslim Students’ Association

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