“When Monogamy Becomes Monotony.” This saying, now the slogan of his work, inspired Darren Morgenstern when he created The Ashley Madison Agency – a growing business that offers married spouses a chance to experience casual encounters outside of their marriages.

Established in 2001, this Toronto-based agency has grown to provide for more than 1.8 million members. Its platform? “A belief in individual rights, the human condition, the positive impact of women on modern day society in business, sex and family life, the evolution of female sexuality and the democratic principles upon which this country was founded.”

Do you find it ironic that sex and family life go hand in hand? Don’t! Morgenstern is a family man himself. Married with children, Morgenstern says that he is happy and would never cheat on his wife. He fell into the business through market research after finding that over a third of online dating sites are filled with people already in relationships.

“In being good marketers, we had to go out there, identify, define and service a niche,” he said.

So why have a “niche” that helps cheaters? In an interview with CNN correspondent Sean Callebs, Morgenstern defended his company.

“Well, we don’t promote cheating because you truly can’t convince somebody to cheat. I mean, you can barely get somebody to switch a brand of toothpaste just by advertising to them, let alone act outside their moral code. These are people that would truly do it anyway,” he said.

And that sums it up. Morgenstern’s position on cheating is as casual as switching a brand of toothpaste, and the world seems to be following this nonchalant manner. With advertisements running not only all over the Internet but also during primetime television, no one seems to be even a bit thrown off by this way of life.

Signing up is even a cinch. Just create an anonymous user-name and password, establish a profile by answering simple multiple-choice questions about things such as “intimate interests” and “perfect matches”; upload a phony picture and you’re ready to explore!

Surprisingly, the site is free to join as opposed to the $55 charge placed just a year ago. Expenses now include extra features such as instant messaging, which costs $500 every three months.

The site also contains key features like a “panic button,” which redirects you to a movie trailer site if someone happens to sneak up behind you and snoop. There are tips provided that tell you how to find success on the site. They give some sage advice, such as pointing out that, if you’re single, it may be harder to hook up with individuals who are attached since they’re risking more.

If you can’t relate to the slogan “When Monogamy Becomes Monotony,” then this site may look like your average dating site. But after joining, messages include intimate details like how long you’ve been married. The site prides itself on anonymity, which makes you wonder who else is taking part in this corrupt behavior. Maybe if former Governor Spitzer had visited http://www.ashleymadison.com instead, he might still be in office!

This site may seem flawless, but some think differently. On http://www.cupidsreview.com, a site that rates online dating services, a post complained about Madison’s site.

“I agree with some of the other comments… This place is a huge, huge scam. Yes, you can find women, but you need to weed through all the fake users,” it read.

Whether Madison’s site is wrong or right, its over 1.8 million members are steering toward the mainstream. But don’t be too worried, America! The wise Morgenstern knows what he’s doing and is there to make sure you do too!

“I think anybody who’s considering an affair would have to take into consideration that they could possibly get caught and that they are playing with fire,” Morgenstern said.

Thank God we have Darren Morgenstern to tell us when we’re playing with fire.

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