You could fill a dictionary with thoughts and hypotheses on suitable ways to determine females’ interest. Yes, the unnecessary touches, compliments, forced conversation, awkwardness, insults, kisses or ignoring could be signs she is interested, whether she is showing it intentionally or not.

Despite these signs or her guessed feelings, it matters very little. You are a guy, act like a guy and take action. Guys act, women feel. Find the girl you have some degree of interest in and take it to the next desired level. If you don’t know her all that well, get to know her more and talk to her.

If you already know her, get coffee, go “study” in Gleason, pre-game together on the weekend, ask her out to dinner, etc. You’ll get over a rejection fast. Wondering what might have happened will last longer, a lot longer.

If she accepts your offer, you pursue it further. With girls, it can take time. They will feel it out, go back and forth in their head, talk to their friends, make up their mind in one direction and change it just as fast.

If you remain interested after the first date, keep pursuing her. An interested girl will make spending time with you fit in her schedule but remember that infatuation won’t usually be created with 45 minutes and a vanilla latte.

Don’t forget, you asked her on the date. Guys are supposed to date in order to find a girl that fits them. I hear too much about guys trying to pick dates to impress the girl. If she doesn’t like you, the price of her dinner won’t make her like you more; it can only delay the decision at best.

By taking her out, you are showing her a part of who you are. Concern yourself more with how you enjoyed the date and whether you want to pursue her further, not the other way around.

If she is at all interested in you, she will accept another date. If not, don’t waste your time with an uninterested girl and go find another one.

Ladies, while we’re on the subject, many of us do not always pick up on your “signs.”

We don’t always realize the day ahead of us, let alone the bombshell desiring our interest from right across the way.

Little is sexier from the fairer race than some confidence in making a move.

How can I start a conversation with someone I like who barely knows I exist? I don’t know if this is a guy or a girl writing but that matters little. In a bar, no pick up line, in the history of pick of lines, has worked better than “Hi” and “I’m (insert name here), what’s your name?” or some near variation.

But used at the Pit checkout line or in the library would take some serious swank.

Too often, guys and girls spend too much time bullshitting each other as to not appear to have any interest in the other person. Try being a little honest and just share a small reason why you may have some interest in the other person. Everyone likes a compliment.

Last year, there was a girl that would sit by me repeatedly. I can’t say I had much more than a physical attraction to her, but she had gorgeous eyes and I just decided to tell her one day. She ended up having a boyfriend and later I ended up making a new acquaintance? with her best friend.

Weiss is a member of the class of 2009.

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