Arnot Healthcare’s Falck Cancer Center, Monroe County’s first dedicated cancer center, which opened in 1991, has created a partnership with the James P. Wilmot Community Oncology Network.

The Falck Cancer Center, located in Elmira, N.Y., provides medical and radiation oncology treatment, along with exercise physiology, nutritional, spiritual and financial counseling services to all of its patients, in accordance with the mission statement of its not-for-profit parent facility. Its services are integrated within the facility and supported by an adjoining in-patient cancer care unit at Arnot Ogden Medical Center.

The James P. Wilmot Cancer Center has a 30-year history of patient care, research, education and community outreach of central New York. With oncology specialists in various cancers working closely with scientists, nurses and staff, the Wilmot Cancer Center is Rochester’s largest cancer center. The UR Medical Center designated the Wilmot Cancer Center a major priority and has supported an expansion of its faculty, clinical and science programs, basic research laboratories and clinical inpatient and outpatient facilities.

The Wilmot Community Oncology Network was created in 2004 to broaden the Wilmot Cancer Center’s clinical research efforts and provide cutting-edge care throughout Upstate and Western New York. The Wilmot Cancer Center formed its first alliance with the Interlakes Oncology and Hematology, P.C. to improve cancer care in Rochester and throughout the Finger Lakes Region. Interlakes provides state-of-the-art cancer care to patients living within its vicinity. The practice is composed of five oncologists, five physician’s assistants and a nurse practitioner.

“We know how important it is for our patients to get state-of-the-art cancer care in their hometown,” Interlakes President Robert Asbury said. “This exciting new affiliation with the Wilmot Cancer Center will be a huge step forward in meeting this goal. Our doctors are committed to furthering care through research and we want to be a part of meaningful scientific discovery here in Rochester. That’s why we chose to work with the Wilmot Cancer Center.”

The Falck Cancer Center is the second organization to join the Wilmot Community Oncology Program. It will be developed into the Southern Tier’s primary cancer center. This newest collaboration has many advantages, among which is faculty education. Arnot Health oncologists, along with Interlake’s doctors can now join the UR School of Medicine and Dentistry’s faculty, as well as participate in educational and training programs at the Wilmot Cancer Center.

In addition, the collaboration will greatly advance the care of cancer patients.

“This type of collaboration will benefit our patients who are battling cancer,” Director of the Falck Cancer Center at Arnot Health William Muuse, M.D. said. “With teams of oncologists working together to advance research efforts toward a cure, people with cancer in our communities will be better served.”

Patients at the Falck Cancer Center will now be able to take part in the hundreds of clinical trials at the Wilmot Cancer Center. In addition, patients can now also participate in trials through the Southwest Oncology Group, which studies most types of adult cancer, such as breast, lung and head and neck cancers, as well as melanoma and numerous other forms of skin cancer.

The group represents a very significant resource for Falck Center patients. It simultaneously conducts approximately 120 clinical trials at any given time, to which more than 7,000 cancer patients and healthy participants are enrolled.

Thus, the Wilmot-Falck collaboration effort is expected to do great things.

“This is an excellent opportunity for both Wilmot and Arnot Health to work together to provide the quality cancer care that people expect,” Director of the Wilmot Cancer Center and Vice President for Clinical Services at URMC Richard Fisher, M.D. said.

Schneier is a member of the class of 2011.Additional reporting by Jorawer Singh.

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