Considering the time and effort involved in filling vacancies in the highest positions of our University, we expect the absolute best out of those appointed. In that spirit, we offer praise to Vice President of Communications Bill Murphy. The fruits of his labor are now being realized in two major ways: with the new logo and the soon-to-be-chosen mascot redesign.

When we learned of Murphy’s appointment in February of 2006, we hoped for three things: a unified identity, national recognition and attention to student concerns.

In response to concerns over being united under a single banner, UR now has a concrete logo. Not only that, but the logo has penetrated into every facet of the University; it would be easy to create something and hope for the best, but the Office of Communications, under Murphy, has come up with a systematic method of integration.

In response to concerns over national attention, our continued presence in the national media is certainly evidence of this. And the redesign of the logo and mascot are both major initiatives aimed at catapulting UR further into the spotlight.

In response to concerns over student involvement, the Office of Communications has been fantastic. Murphy has presided over more Town Hall Meetings than any other department except Dining Services, and not just in response to student outcry, but rather for student input. The Office of Communications has been proactive, not reactive, and this is something to be grateful for. Murphy has sought student input at every turn. When students rejected the initial logo designs, he went back to the drawing board rather than plunging ahead. When our mascot’s upgrade ignited fervor in the student body, he announced that the new design would be chosen democratically.

Murphy has proven himself a capable administrator. Whether his changes result in greater contributions to the University endowment remains to be seen, but, for sure, our school is making a new reputation for itself, and Murphy deserves a great amount of credit for it.

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