Satire has finally made its big break in America. We’re talking a Mary-Kate-and-Ashley-in-Full-House kind of break, though. Comedy Central’s beloved Stephen Colbert is running for president. And really, it’s about time. As a youth growing up in the age that worships sarcasm and considers “The Daily Show” and “Colbert Report” to be current events gospels, I’m thrilled. Just when I was beginning to think about whom I would vote for (If I don’t vote for Obama, does that make me a racist? If I don’t vote for Hillary, does that make me sexist? If I don’t vote for a Democrat, does that make me an idiot?), Colbert made my decision with the declaration of candidacy on the “Larry King Live” show. About one week later, there was a 1.25 million-person Facebook group supporting America’s newest candidate. Not that I find myself surprised.

This generation has been raised in a time when it’s okay to be a little un-PC every now and then. That’s why I love Jon Stewart. Sure he says some mildly inappropriate things at times, but come on, conservatives! He’s just kidding – most of the time. That’s the difference between people like Colbert and Bill “Papa Bear” O’Reilly. They act exactly the same – only one is kidding and one is not. I’m sure Papa Bear is a very nice man, but he doesn’t make me laugh the way my man Colbert does.

And, yes, I realize there are other “important” qualities to look for in a president, but I’d be up for a candidate who can bring some light-heartedness into the administration and not by simply poking fun at his own lack of public speaking ability. Sarcasm on the level of Colbert and Stewart, which is achieved by few others, just comes across as a reflection of intelligence. If they are able to ridicule political happenings, they are obviously well enough informed of the situations to understand the intricacies and twist them into laughable anecdotes. Plus, they have developed beautifully extensive senses of humor from years of life experience. Sure, sure, neither of them have backgrounds in politics, aside from “reporting,” or really any qualifications that would make them suitable candidates, but that’s neither here nor there. George Bush was a governor, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that position polished him for the position he now holds.

And I don’t mean to bash Bush. That horse is dead. But think about the breath of fresh air that is Stephen Colbert (catchy campaign slogan). America just needs a good laugh every now and then to keep the mood light. Maybe we wouldn’t have so much trouble with Kim Jong Il and Osama Bin Laden if our president could just tickle their funny bone, every now and then (I’m kidding). But really, what would be so bad about a president who knows how to bend the rules? Think about it. George Bush makes up a word and he’s slighted on every news program, local and national. Stephen Colbert makes up a word and Webster puts it in the dictionary.

Although this election may now turn into the 2003 California gubernatorial race, where a certain man wins office due to his celebrity status, would that really be such a bad thing? Schwarzenegger is doing well enough and Colbert has done slightly more respectable work than, let’s say “Kindergarten Cop.” But that’s just my opinion. So who’s to say Colbert wouldn’t make a fine president? When push comes to shove, Colbert could put on a serious face and take care of business. Take his WristStrong campaign as a firm example as to what the man can do when he really cares about something. So, change your residency to South Carolina and cast your ballots for Stephen Colbert in 2008.

Stevenson is a member of the class of 2011.

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