In a new survey by Fortune magazine and its online partner QS, the William E. Simon School of Business Administration was ranked at No. 22 among the 50 Best Business Schools for Getting Hired.

The survey uses data from the QS Top MBA Scorecard to rank different business schools on both strength of career placement and recruiter satisfaction. The scorecard is an online tool that contains data on the 111 top accredited business schools in the nation. Students search the program to decide which MBA programs fit their needs.

To find a recruiter satisfaction rating, QS surveyed over 400 Human Resources managers who were responsible for hiring MBAs at their company. QS asked recruiters which business schools they would prefer to hire from and which schools they consider to be the most reputable.

Sixty percent of the career placement score depends on students’ average salary upon graduation at a particular school. The remaining 40 percent of the placement score is determined by the percent of students employed within three months of graduation and the average number of employment offers received by students at the school.

Administrators at the Simon School are pleased with the ranking and optimistic about the future.

“This latest national ranking reaffirms our commitment to providing the best possible graduate business education for our students through a process of continuous improvement,” Simon School Dean Mark Zupan said. “Our aim is to provide our students with the highest possible return on their investment. This national survey result is an indication that we are on the right track.”

Wrobel is a member of the class of 2010.

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