Because we live on a campus isolated by barriers on three sides, we often forget that we are part of a greater community – the city of Rochester. As members of this community, we have a duty to work with the city residents toward its betterment, and this is something at which we have struggled to succeed in the recent past.

The University is the largest employer in the city. Because of this, UR plays a big role in the lives of many of Rochester’s inhabitants. However, its students tend not to do the same. Every year, incoming freshmen are encouraged to reach out to the community by participating in Wilson Day. While this concept is a good one, it ends on that one day of orientation, and many of us never return to help again. There are multiple community service organizations on campus that are available for us to become a part of. As students, we should embrace them and take part.

The groups coordinating Education Awareness Week have taken a great step forward in increasing student involvement. These groups have done a terrific job in helping students become attune to the hardships faced by the Rochester City School District and the children of Rochester.

This week’s events have sought to enlighten the student body on the problems encountered with the RCSD and have shown UR students that they can be fixed. Not only are they promoting awareness, but they have also set forth an example by providing services to these children.

They have made efforts to recruit more students to become involved with their programs, working hard to find people who are willing to go to different schools in the RCSD and tutor. These organizations have strived to greatly improve the quality of education for students in this school district.

In a world where it is much easier to donate money than time, it is important to remember that the actual good deeds carried out are just as important, if not more. We hope that the University community will take note of what these groups have done and that this spirit will spread elsewhere so that other areas of need in the city of Rochester can be addressed and helped.

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