After a semester of praises, suggestions and criticisms, here is our list of cheers and jeers to offer a thumbs up to what we think is good and thumbs down to what still needs to be improved.

CHEERS to UR Cinema Group for playing popular, recent releases every weekend. If you complain that there is nothing to do on a weekend night, check out these cheap flicks. And also, “Pirates XXX” – great decision, guys.

CHEERS to ARAMARK and Dining Services for striving to meet the high demands of students, and improving the quality of service as well as food options, including the incredible Hillside Creamery. But JEERS for the inability to use clubs at the Creamery when it is in a freshmen dorm, where students have massive clubs to burn.

CHEERS to the community for selecting Alex Pearlman and Marquis Harrison as the new Students’ Association President and Vice President and supporting the CT’s endorsement.

JEERS to the Students’ Association government for poor outreach efforts and failing to get more students interested and involved in the decision making process. SA Senate minutes have not been posted on the Hive Web site since January. Low candidate numbers on the last election ballot also reflect a disengaged student body.

CHEERS to the Student Activities Office for a stellar series of Wilson Commons Wednesdays, which have time and time again been the best use of declining anywhere on campus. On a campus where the only decent barbecue is generally found in Douglass Dining Center, WCW pulled through to give the student body a taste of something great.

CHEERS to student activism for increasing. Grassroots, Amnesty International, Students for Social Justice, Students for Liberty, Women’s Caucus, College Democrats, College Republicans and the rest have repeatedly raised their voices to cover a wide variety of topics.

Finally, CHEERS to the freshmen of Susan B. Anthony Residence Halls, who this year survived theft, fines and a car through the front door of the building and took it all in good stride.

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