The musician – every girl’s fantasy and every father’s worst nightmare. There is just something so astounding and sexy about a guy singing on a stage and making a connection with his audience. I witnessed this phenomena first hand this past weekend at the Midnight Ramblers concert. In most places, like high school, being a great male singer did not exactly guarantee you Homecoming King status – I mean, the Glee Club was usually only one caste level above the AV Club. Yet, in college, these boys are treated like the Beatles. There were girls literally yelping in the audience and were two seconds away from throwing their bras on stage. I mean, even though Midnight Rambler member Dan Israel ate paper on stage and then looked like he was having a stroke at one point, I still found him ridiculously attractive! My world was all askew.

Later that evening – it was a very musical night – I went to go see the band Thunderpuss play at Alpha Delta Phi. Now, since I am good friends with the bass player and was with his girlfriend, I figured we could get up close to say hi. However, in order to do that, we would have had to push through all the groupies that were taking their time backin’ their asses up!

I was not willing to have beer spilled on my black shrug “rockstar” boots that I had worn, so I stayed towards the back with my friend Ryan. We were like the fragile old people they wouldn’t let go up close to the stage at the Super Bowl half time Rolling Stones show.

At some point, though, I did get close to the band and for a moment I caught the eye of one of the guitarists – we had an intense connection and it was then that I could understand the motive of any groupie following a band across the country. This transaction between musician and groupie has been going on since the first caveman banged a stick on another stick and some cavewoman thought his prominent forehead was just a little hotter then the rest. I am not saying that I am going to pursue only musicians from now on, but now I really do understand why John Mayer gets so many girls even though when he sings he looks like he is having a grand mal seizure with a hint of Tourette’s. Plus, I wouldn’t mind getting to wear any of the clothes Kate Hudson wore as Penny Lane in “Almost Famous.” She made being a compulsive liar who slept around a lot look really cool. Of course, when isn’t that cool?

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