Attending a school in an unfamiliar geographic area presents many problems. Navigating a new city is often difficult for the directionally-handicapped, like myself. While I may have lived here for the past three years, I am still always hesitant to get my hair cut. Sure, there are salons scattered by the dozens throughout the area, but that does not mean they should be trusted.

In Pittsford Plaza, across from Plum Garden and the movie theatre, hides a spa worth trying. This past Friday I discovered a therapeutic relief center, Shear Ego. The services provided there surpassed my expectations.

I was easily able to book a same-day appointment to get my eyebrows waxed and they kindly worked around my schedule. While there, my friend booked an appointment for a hair-cut and left extremely satisfied.

Shear Ego has many services available. The venue trains their own estheticians in order to continue reaching the standards of excellence established by the founder. They specialize in hair care and have a variety of services available at an affordable price. For a little more relaxation, the salon offers body wraps, facials and massages.

Their European spa services will appeal to anyone who enjoys relaxing massages. Other services include an extensive selection of facial treatments available to both men and women.

While the services provided establish the caliber of the spa, the lobby was my favorite. Aside from the normal product sales – hair and manicure products – the lobby was full of small trinkets. Bags, ranging from clutch to shoulder, were arranged along the walls.

On a wall was a display of hats. These little hats, ranging from child to adult, were knitted to imitate types of fruit. My favorite hat was the one that looked like a watermelon.

As I looked around, the accessories and products reminded me of those found in Parkleigh at the Park Avenue district. Many of them appeared to be made by local vendors and were consequently quite affordable. I was suprised to find a spa and boutique wrapped into one, but it brought me much joy.

Additionally, I found the staff to be warm and friendly. It didn’t take long for my esthetician and me to work up a chatter. Despite our immediate amiability, she was still meticulous and precise in her work. She accommodated my expectations and aimed to suit my needs. The combination of the friendly staff, variety of quality spa treatments and Parkleighesque trinkets definitely won me over.

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