Have you ever wondered why the large room on the third floor of Wilson Commons, with all the pool tables, is called “The Hive?” Sure, our school’s mascot is the Yellowjacket, but The Hive does not look anything like a beehive. There are, in fact, two major reasons behind the name, The Hive.

Several years ago, there was a section of bleachers behind one basketball net called The Hive. It was the ideal location to sit in – primarily for heckling the other team and cheering on the Yellowjackets during games. Due to renovations, that area no longer exists. As a memoriam of UR’s community history, the benches have been saved and are slated to be displayed in Wilson Commons.

An on-campus pub officially opened on the third floor of Wilson Commons in Jan. 2002. Students were grateful that their request for such an atmosphere was granted. At the time of the opening, they were very excited about the new gathering spot and were eager to check it out.

The name “The Hive” was chosen due to its popularity among students. At that time beer, but not hard liquor, was available to those of legal drinking age.

The intention of the venue was to be a forum of positive social interaction among students and faculty. Even alumni were encouraged to visit the new establishment, as it would serve as a meeting place for certain events.

At present, The Hive is mainly a meeting place for lunchtime, playing pool and watching one of the several televisions.

There is no distribution of alcohol anymore because students felt that the liquor prices were too high to afford.

Although The Hive is not currently exactly what the administration had intended it to be, it does succeed in serving as a gathering place for students. With other options for meeting places, such as Hillside Caf and The Common Ground, are more rowdy, making The Hive favorable because of the lower volume.

The next time you and your friends are scrambling up all those stairs in Wilson Commons after enjoying a meal, break up the trip with a quick game of pool in The Hive. You never know when those billiard skills may come in handy.

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