Residents of the Graduate Living Center are deciding the future name of their buildings, and will vote on a new name in the near future. Among the top proposed names at this time is “Southside,” the buildings’ previous appellation.

“We are looking for a new name because the community is no longer exclusively composed of graduate students,” Residence Life Undergraduate Assignments Coordinator Joanna Drexel said.

Student sentiment is in favor of the name change. “Some people want to keep calling it Graduate Living Center, but how can you keep calling it that when it’s no longer exclusively home to graduates,” President of the Valentine-deKiewiet Community Organizing Group Sasha Kucherov said.

According to Kucherov, students were allowed to submit alternate naming ideas, but none were chosen.

“If anyone comes forward with anything better, we’ll put it to the students and see if anything happens,” Drexel said.

Barring a last-second change of heart, students intend to enact the name change before the end of this semester. This, among other things, will help the GLC students’ organization’s current campaign to foster pride and a sense of community among residents of the towers.
Wilson Commons Wednesday promotes campus healthWednesday was an eventful day in Wilson Commons. Between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. it was the crossroads of Wilson Commons Wednesdays and the Health and Wellness Fair.

Upstairs, in the Hirst Lounge, Feel Fabulous in February was the theme and healthy food and drink was necessarily the menu of the day.

In the Pit was the Health and Wellness fair, sponsored by the University Health Service. The fair included booths with nutritionists, Laurie’s Natural Foods, a physical therapist, a chiropractor, the University Counseling Center and Medical Emergency Response Team doing blood pressure screening. In addition, six massage therapists gave free massages.

“We’ve done our wellness fair for several years now,” Assistant Director of Health Promotion at University Health Services Linda Dudman said. “This was our first time to collaborate with Dining Services, Student Activities and Athletics and Recreation.”

In accordance with the theme of healthy eating and exercise, Colleges Against Cancer held a step-a-thon. Students and faculty, including Dean of Students Jody Asbury, raised money from sponsors based on their performance on a Stairmaster.

The $262 proceeds went towards cancer research.

The event was well-attended. Each of the 100 available pedometers were given away.

Additionally, between 40 and 45 massages were performed on both students and faculty members.

“I didn’t even know that it was going on,” freshman Rachel Shapiro said. “I came to the Pit to get lunch and when I saw MERT I decided to get my blood pressure checked too.”

Wilson Commons Wednesdays are generally popular events. However, the partnership between UHS, Dining Services and the Students Association proved particularly appealing to the participants.

“We got very good response from both students and staff,” Dudman said. “I would love to collaborate again next year.”Reporting by Bonnie Jarrett and Matt Majarian.

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