On Monday, the 2009 class council kicked off Spirit Week on the River campus. The week is meant to bolster school pride throughout the campus.

“It’s hosted by the freshmen class the week leading into Winter Fest,” Class of 2009 Publicity Chairman Nathan Daneck said. “It’s a great way to unite our fellow freshmen while having fun events.”

While Spirit Week is now a two year old tradition, the class council has strived to make it their own.

“Spirit Week has become a school tradition since it was first started by the 2007 class council when they were freshman,” Vice President of the 2009 Class Council Mike Shea said. “It has been done every year since then, and it has been a tradition that the freshman class council carries out.”

This year, the first event took place in Danforth Dining Center. “Dining services chose foods that are student favorites,” Daneck said. “On top of that, the Midnight Ramblers and After Hours performed.”

The night was well received by students. “The best was when the Ramblers sang,” freshman Jake Van Why said. “I’m a huge fan, and it was great to have them serenading the diners.”

For day two, the class council originally planned to hand out hot chocolate and Chap Stick outside Wilson Commons. Unfortunately, due to shipping difficulties, the Chap Stick was delayed. The hot chocolate, served in Spirit Week mugs was still a big hit.

Wednesday night was Open Mic Night in the Hillside Caf, featuring campus virtuosos.

“It was an opportunity for any aspiring musician of any kind to perform in front of their peers,” said Daneck. “It was a lot of fun and very entertaining.”

Tonight is Bowling Night. Buses will be looping from ITS between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. and taking students to the alley where they can bowl for free.

“I think bowling is a really fun game and it’s free so I’m really looking forward to hanging out with my friends and bowling,” said Daneck.

Spirit Week is to finish up with the basketball game against the University of Chicago on Friday night.

2009 Class Council President Mustafa Rehmani thinks that the basketball game is the best way to wrap up a spirited week of events. “It cultivates the most sense of spirit in the student body,” said Rehmani. “Plus, the game is versus a No. 2 ranked team. It’s going to be sweet.”Jarrett can be reached at bjarrett@campustimes.org.

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