Election proposalBy Editorial BoardPublished: Thursday, April 14, 2005

Because it always elects the candidate exactly in the middle of all voting, Ranked (Preferential) Ballot (RB) is top-dead-center-counter-extremist & thus more anti-terrorist than all the many recent retrenchments combined. While Preferentiality would be equally useful for all else, its real power is most clearly shown in the case of the possible civil war in Iraq. Unless the Iraqi Parliament comes to select its PM by RB, it may not hold, & the world will be in danger of going to war over some oil well. Because it gives the Iraqi minorities a real say in which Shia gets chosen, PB is the only thing that will encourage them to support any plan more than perfectly inadequate con-federation. Because it gives all combinations of programs, & not just parties, an equal chance of winning it is the only thing that is really just, for Iraqis & everyone else. Because it will always provide a market-based alternative to all proposals for justice offered by the left & vice versa, it is something that both sides could & should support. Both more liberty AND more communalism can be found in RB than in either of their ideologies. Be a light to the world & help put this powerful idea in time to as many as possible. The $15,000 cost of a single full-page ad in USA Today, enough to put it to everyone on earth, & completely obfuscate who is talking to who, would be repaid to one single person in a year & one half at the approximate rate of (US only) $10,000 per family. We imagine running on the SINGLE ISSUE of RB & allowing a citizens advisory board based on “Organized Communications” (OC) to guide our vote for the rest. You do the same, from the most local on up. Your local group should be the first, least someone else avail themselves of this great advantage on the sly. OC is small randomly assigned discussion groups electing reps to higher & higher levels by means of Preferential Ballot until one small group at the top necessarily names the next winner of the next election, thereby installing preferentiality virtually instantly, & inevitably globally, no matter what ladders are pulled up. The “additive” (as opposed to the older, more skewed, & widely espoused, “eliminative”) form of Preferential Ballot is the same ranking of all candidates by each voter. The first choices are counted & if noone has 50% then the next choices are added in, & so on, until someone finally does. It is the sole unchangeable plank & bylaw of the Preferential Ballot Party, the only practicable third party, whose self-organizing principle is Organized Communications. How can we ask it of others if we do not have it ourselves? Please see www.preferentialballotparty.org.

Riseup with Riseman

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