Pride Network recently held a discussion panel featuring religious leaders from various religions and denominations affirming the acceptance of homosexuals at many places of worship. Reconciling religion with homosexuality is a controversial subject that ought to be addressed on a college campus.

However, each panelists’ opinion suggested a full and absolute religious approval of homosexuals. This panel should have been made more representative of viewpoints in current discussion.

Dissimilar views to this sense of religious approval should have been represented in the panel. The intention will not be to offend people through the presentation of different ideas, but to make students informed about the true dynamic of the topic. Presenting varying viewpoints is an important aspect of fully understanding an issue, especially ideas of such a controversial nature.

By not presenting those other views, members of the audience could be misinformed into thinking that the issue is actually not a pressing matter and leave them unaware of the situation outside of the panel.

Conversely, this issue needs to be addressed with a comprehensive discussion so that people can be made better aware of the current controversy.

Introducing all sides of a sensitive issue is especially important in an educational setting. It is not expected that people will adopt or agree with all of the views that panel members convey.

Ultimately though, exposure to these ideas will encourage those in attendance to formulate a more complete and informed opinion about this topic.

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