Since the tsunami that devastated much of South-East Asia over three months ago, UR student organizations have hosted various activities to encourage students, faculty and staff to help raise money for those affected by this catastrophe.

As one of the tsunami reconstruction events this semester, the UR Arboretum Committee, along with the UR Tsunami Relief Committee, Grassroots and the Wilson Commons Student Activities Office, sponsored the Tsunami Reconstruction Music Fest – an all-acoustic concert performed by both local and UR musicians on Sunday in Strong Auditorium.

“We’re here because we want to make a difference to those who were affected,” Chairman of the UR Tsunami Relief Committee and senior Jesse Bailey said.

Local musicians included Marvin Stillman, Maria Gillard, Connie Deming and the Monroe Country Bluegrass Ramblers. UR performers included the Yellowjackets, Vocal Point, Midnight Ramblers, After Hours and More Cowbell.

The tickets were sold for $5 and the entire revenue is going directly to the UNICEF Tsunami Relief Fund.

“Overall, I was very pleased with the concert itself,” Co-President of Grassroots and sophomore Carl Adair said. “I thought all the performers were excellent and were generous with their name and talent. Especially with all the proceeds going to the UNICEF, you always hope for as many people as possible to get maximum aid to the people affected by this tragedy.”

The Tsunami Relief Fund is hoping to raise $10,000 by the end of this semester, and groups like Grassroots, as well as the a cappella groups, are willing to support in any way they can to help achieve the goal.

“We were eager to help out in any way we could with this concert,” Adair said. “Above anything else, as a group, we’re about acting in a way that’s fundamentally respectful of other people and raising awareness about how our choices affect others in very real and often detrimental ways.”

Continuing, he said, “At the very least, we wanted to stand up and say that we support these people in the face of forces that are bigger and more powerful than all of us, and more importantly, we wanted to act with the power we do have to advocate for long-term, sustainable rebuilding of this devastated part of the world.”

The Tsunami Relief Fund is holding the Tsunami Benefit Reception today.

All revenue will go directly to the UNICEF reconstruction campaign.

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