Like many of my fellow CT readers, I was struck by the first page color photo of our outgoing president at his farewell address in last week’s edition. I wish to congratulate President Jackson on his ritzy sendoff in Beverly Hills. It is a true testament to your integration with the U of R community that you held your farewell address three time zones and 30 degrees of warmth away. I know that your pride in our university must have made it seem inappropriate to impose on the Wells-Brown room or the Eastman Theater – So Cal is an adequate second choice and I commend you for roughing it for us. I want you to know that I will miss my only communication with you, those beautiful tuition increase letters, each one lovingly placed in my CPU box for the past three years. I suppose my future college loan notices will have to do.

If I may, I suggest that someday in the future, President Seligman, when you decide to move on from this institution, you follow Jackson’s lead and say goodbye from another location: Atlanta, Georgia. It’s not the nicest city in the world, but it is certainly warmer. Even better, you can run by Georgia Tech and say that you were near a school with the Yellowjackets as their mascot. It will be like you are in Rochester without actually having to pretend you like it here!

-Evan Hainesx42819

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