The Fashionably Late program provides late-night non-alcoholic entertainment for the UR community and should be attended to a greater extent by the student body. Some of the events that it has held in the past have had satisfactory attendance. Since it has an interest in expanding its offerings, Fashionably Late should seek strong groups to partner with in the future.

Many groups are not aware of the advantages that partnering with Fashionably Late can provide. Student organizations can benefit from the supplemental funding and publicity that comes from co-sponsoring late-night programming. By listing events on large, noticeable posters and providing additional funds to aid in organizing, Fashionably Late solves many issues that arise when events are planned.

Fashionably Late should seek co-sponsorships with many different types of groups. Undergraduate academic councils, Greek organizations and residence hall councils already have the structure to organize a crowd of people and will often look for ways to engage in activities as a group. For instance, although last week’s outing to Laser Quest was a partnership between Fashionably Late and URSGA, efforts by the Gilbert Hall Council bolstered the turnout significantly. These groups, like the Gilbert Hall Council, would not have to plan the outing and would not be the only people who attend it. However, Fashionably Late programs can increase their turnout and popularity by encouraging campus organizations to attend as a group.

Although it is a relatively new program, there is much to look forward to from Fashionably Late. As it encourages more groups to participate, Fashionably Late can increase the variety of its events and turn the program into a reliable and fun way to spend weekend nights.

Time unfortunately still a circle

Ever since the invention of the wheel, humanity’s been blessed with one terrible curse: the realization that all things are, in fact, cyclical.

An open letter to all members of any university community

I strongly oppose the proposed divestment resolution. This resolution is nothing more than another ugly manifestation of antisemitism at the University.

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