University Facilities and Services deserve recognition for their extensive efforts in creating a safe environment during this past week’s storm. Many students complain about the condition of the campus’ pathways, blaming Facilities for the excess snow. However, according to Facilities Manager Dan Schied, not one student has contacted Facilities with concerns.

While facilities has done a laudable job considering the circumstances, several areas of campus have not received as much attention as others. Stairs and wheelchair accessible ramps were cleared early in the snowstorm, but not after more snow had accumulated. Extra attention should be shown to wheelchair ramps because the mixed snow layers pose problems for those with physical limitations. Entrances to buildings – both interior and exterior – need to be cleared continuously to prevent injury.

Unfortunately, extra efforts must be made in colder temperatures, such as those that UR has recently experienced. Salting walkways is not as effective in this substantial freeze. However, Facilities have been up to the challenge and maintain safe walkways.

Snowed-in parking lots are a common complaint. Residential Life is partnering with Facilities to provide a supply of shovels to alleviate parking issues. Students should take advantage of this supply of shovels.

Although there are always chances to improve, Facilities employees should be appreciated for the personal sacrifices they made over the past weekend, especially those who stayed over night in hotels in order to start clearing snow early. Students should feel grateful for this dedication that allows UR to continue.

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