UR students go to Rush Rhees Library for a variety of reasons – late into the night to cram before a dreaded midterm, to study in a quiet room when their roommate is blasting music too loud, to research one of their many papers and to trick-or-treat with the costumed librarians in the stacks. On Oct. 29, from 2-4:30 p.m., Rush Rhees will be decked out in spider webs, pumpkins, witches and other eerie Halloween decorations for the seventh annual Scare Fair.The librarians will be holding the Stack Stock where costumed students can trick-or-treat through the stacks. The first 300 students will be allowed to proceed up the tower, which will only additionally be open this year during graduation, to see a live bagpiper playing. “We really go all out,” co-chair Nora Dimmock said, who worked with Ann Marshall in coordinating the event.In addition to the Stack Stock, the Monroe County Zoo will be bringing a Zoo Mobile complete with spiders, snakes and more for everyone to look at and pet. Vocal Point and the Midnight Ramblers, two of UR’s a capella groups, will be performing from 3 to 4 p.m. A costume contest judged by Paul Burgett, Vice President and General Secretary of the College, will kick off at 4 p.m. Prizes for the contest include a variety of gift certificates, while the grand prize is a flash drive. Outside, on the Wilson Quad, a jack-o-lantern launch will be held by the mechanical engineers, so beware of flying pumpkins!A trail of balloons will further lead those who dare to the Community Living Center for an adventure in a haunted house.Free cider and donuts will provided as well. “We went through 600 cups last year,” Dimmock said. “We are hoping for an even bigger turnout this year. It’s really a lot of fun!” Paret can be reached ateparet@campustimes.org.

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