On Monday nights, when most bars are closed, Whiskey is now open for “Noche de Salsa.” Whiskey provides a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where you can meet people, have a drink, watch a unique form of salsa called rueda and try a little Latin dancing yourself. Nedim Catal, a talented dancer, salsa enthusiast and founder of Salsa Amigos will be teaching Salsa for Beginiers and Intermediate Ruedo de Casino.Salsa for Beginners, which emphasizes musicality and connection, starts at 8 p.m. Intermediate Rueda de Casino will be taught at 9 p.m. Rueda, which means “wheel,” originated in Cuba and is derived from salsa. The dancers form a circle while a “caller” decides the next move. The moves include clapping, stomping, turning, yelling and jumping, all executed in the smooth Cuban style. As the dancers rotate around each other, change partners and go around the circle, the “wheel” comes to life. Rueda is spreading in the U.S. About 50,000 people know rueda in Miami, and Salsa Amigos is excited to bring it to Rochester. Having taught throughout western N.Y., including Binghamtom, Ithaca, Syracuse and now Rochester, sharing his love of dance has become more of a way of life than a hobby for Nedim. “Salsa is not just another option for us,” he said. Following the lessons, Nedim will be the disc jockey for salsa, meringue and bachata for open dancing. Even if dancing is not your thing, Whiskey provides an opportunity to relax, fun and upbeat music and a taste of a different culture without even leaving your seat. Latin Night is a great alternative from the regular bar scene, especially on a Monday night when there’s not much going on. Lessons are $12 per session, for ages 18 and over. Whiskey is located at 315 Alexander St., near East Ave.Branower can be reached atjbranower@campustimes.org

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"Anthony Kiedis sucking on my penis."