When Samantha designs Carrie’s book launch party, in all hot pink,there are hundreds of martini glasses all over the bar filled with “cosmopolitans.” Thank God for Carrie, otherwise this fabulous drink would not be as known as it is today. This drink has a sweet citrus flavor.

3 ounces Absolut Citron vodka ounce triple secsplash of cranberry juice for color – pink!squeeze of lime wedge

Pour all ingredients into a mixer over cracked ice. Shake and pour into martini glass.

CharlotteAfter one of many social benefits, Charlotte and her present boytoy are at a bar when a woman approaches Charlotte and asks her for a light. Charlotte is drinking her ZYR Vodka on the rocks. It is an exceptionally smooth vodka. The vodka has received a rating of 96 out of 100 from “Wine Enthusiast Magazine.” Also, this vodka company was started in 2001 by a UR alumnus named David Katz, which makes this particular drink a must.

SamanthaSam goes on a date to a sushi restaurant. “I took the liberty of ordering you a dirty martini,” Richard Wright says. Isn’t it funny how after eating sushi, a dirty martini will land in Richard’s face? This drink is perfect for those who like their drink strong and salty. The vodka hits the tongue first and the olive juice gives a refreshing aftertaste.

3 ounces vodka ounce vermouth ounce olive juice

Chill over ice in mixing glass, stir, and pour into martini glass. Add olives for garnish.

MirandaAfter looking at a place in Brooklyn, Miranda invites the ladies to a farewell cocktail hour at a bar where they drink Manhattans. This is a great drink with many different flavors. One of these drinks may not be enough because it is just so incredibly tasty.

2 ounces of rye whiskey ounce of sweet vermouth cherriesdrops of bitters

Chill and shake in mixing glass with plenty of ice and pour into drinking glass.Gros-Werter is a bartender at Steve’s Sports Bar and can be reached at mgroswerter@campustimes.org.

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