Emily Urbanczk

Class: 2007Sport: SoccerMAJOR: Political Science

high school: Williamsville East, East Amherst, N.Y.

ideal day off: Shopping and hanging out with friends.Favorite OTHER sports: Hockey and tennis.Favorite food: Homemade chocolate-chip cookies.favorite movie: “Mighty Ducks”Plans after college: Graduate school, or maybe law school.expectations for the season: Make it to the NCAA Tournament.Favorite athletic memory: Beating Nazareth College in the semi-finals of the ECACs last year.Why emily is the athlete of the Week: Emily had goals in key games played over the past week.

Mike Dermody

Class: 2006Sport: FootballMAJOR: History

high school: Spencerport H.S., Spencerport, N.Y.

ideal day off: Doing nothing.Favorite OTHER sport: WakeboardingFavorite food: Grilled cheesefavorite movie: “Count of Monte Cristo”Plans after college: Go to graduate school of education.expectations for the season: Hopefully win the conference.Favorite athletic memory: Playing my first game as a freshman. It was against St. John Fisher College.Why Mike is the athlete of the Week: Dermody had two key interceptions in the Yellowjackets’ 38-6 shellacking of the United States Marine Academy.

5 students banned from campus for Gaza solidarity encampment

UR has been banning community members from campus since November for on-campus protests, but the first bans for current students were issued this weekend.

The Clothesline Project gives a voice to the unheard

The Clothesline Project was started in 1990 when founder Carol Chichetto hung a clothesline with 31 shirts designed by survivors of domestic abuse, rape, and childhood sexual assault.

Dinner for Peace was an unconventional way of protesting for Palestine

The dinner showcased aspects of Palestinian culture. It was a unique way of protesting against the genocide, against the Israeli occupation, against the university’s involvement with the genocide.