Recently granted over three million dollars, the Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development will begin a collaborative effort with four Rochester-area Roman Catholic schools to enhance education programs for preschoolers. Funded by the National Department of Education, the program will build on the already existing ScienceStart! program, founded by the Warner School, that helps develop children’s skills using science as a base. Also included will be professional development for teachers in the schools and an initiative for improving literacy at home.

The Warner School should be commended for continuing to embark on projects that benefit the Rochester community. An educational institution such as UR should make efforts to reach out to the surrounding areas and apply knowledge in a mutually beneficial way – giving out-of-classroom experience and a chance to field-test educational methods for Warner, and a chance for Rochester children to receive an education they might not otherwise have been privilege to.

There are also multiple student groups and other organizations working alongside the university carrying out community service projects that help benefit the city in addition to Warner’s efforts, allowing undergraduates to participate as well in ongoing efforts.

The university as an institution possesses a vast amount of resources, manpower and ideas that can be put to good use, and we should continue to be cognizant of those in need beyond the boundaries of campus.

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