The senior night last Thursday at the A-Street Pub was well-liked overall, but there were two unexpected problems. A-Street imposed a cover charge for students to enter the bar in the basement, even though that was not covered by any previous agreement with the Senior Class Council. And later, the bus hired to shuttle from A-Street to the ITS Center ran out of gas, leaving dozens of students stranded.Despite those setbacks, however, the evening was still fun. “I thought it went well,” one student who asked to remain anonymous said. “I didn’t pay the cover charge, and I ended up taking a car service back because so many people were waiting for the last bus and I didn’t want to deal with it. I took a cab, it wasn’t even that expensive split between four people. I didn’t even know about the bus problem until, like, a week later.” Senior Becca Wolfson, a member of the Senior Class Council, felt that the problems weren’t that serious. “I don’t think a lot of people were complaining about [the basement cover charge], because after one person tried to go down, they found it was pretty lame, so they just didn’t go down,” she said. The problem with the bus was attributed to driver error. “Basically, it was negligence of the bus driver,” Wolfson said. Senior Erin “Fuego” Fraser, the Class Council member who organized this Senior Night, said the driver of the bus was at fault. “It’s the responsibility of the bus driver to keep the bus filled up,” he said. “And this bus driver didn’t. He started with a quarter of a tank, knowing he would have to drive in continuous circles from 10:30 on.”He also said that the cover charge was due to an unapproved, last-minute change. “I negotiated a contract with A-Street, and nowhere in the contract did it say they were going to charge any kind of cover,” he said.”We’re certainly not pleased with how A-Street handled the cover charge or the evening in general, and we’re definitely going to take that into account in [the future],” Fraser said.Shower curtains stolen from Lovejoy bathroomsLovejoy Hall residents awoke to a surprise on Oct. 2. At some point Friday night, the shower curtains and toilet paper were seized from all of the bathrooms in the building. This posed a big problem for students because they were unable to utilize the bathrooms throughout the day. “I woke up in the morning and I had to leave to go to the library to use the bathroom because there was no toilet paper,” sophomore Genna Sheedy-Feldman said. However, most of the other residents went to nearby dorms to take showers throughout the day. The quad residence halls have showers with two curtains, and by Saturday evening the inner curtain was returned to the shower so residents could begin using them again. It was not until Monday morning, however, that the outer curtains were hung up again. For most, the prank was an inconvenience, and viewed as immature. “I thought someone had way too much time on their hands,” sophomore Laura Teicher said. Reporting by Cyrus Levesque and Jamie Sokol.

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