Kari PlewniakClass: 2008Sport: Field HockeyMAJOR: BiologyWhere kari went to high school: Sweet Home High School, Amherst, N.Y.What is kari’s ideal day off: A beautiful day at the beach.Favorite athletic memory: My sophomore year in high school, my field hockey team made it to the state tournament. It was so exciting and so much fun.Favorite sport other than Field Hockey: Waterskiing.FAVORite BOOK: The Grapes of Wrath.Favorite food: Almost anything with chocolate, especially chocolate-covered strawberries.favorite movie: “American History X” Plans after college: Attend medical school.expectations for the season: Our season is going to end with the same spunk it started with. We have such a great team, I am just excited to see how far we can go.Why kari is the athlete of the Week: She helped propel the Yellowjackets to a three-win week. Plewniak scored the game-winning goal in overtime as Rochester edged Elmira, 3-2, on Tuesday. On Friday, she scored one goal in a 5-0 win over Hamilton.

Where’s Waldo? Inside of us all along.

Flipping through the next few pages, I spent less time finding Waldo. I was only thrown off when they added red herrings.

The Apple Vision Pro is scary good

The fully immersive headset brings the user into a new world with the tap of a finger.

Kids’ feral behavior in Sephora reflects poorly on parents, not Gen Alpha

There is nothing wrong with being interested in skincare and makeup products; however, the behavior displayed by these children goes beyond just curiosity, and seems more like a deep desire to acquire these things to fit in.