Kutztown Graduate Student Turned EntrepreneurLaunches Unique Online Film Festival

Haydenfilms.com, a new independent film company located in Kutztown, PA, is offering something truly unique in the realm of independent film.

At present, there are approximately 2,231 film festivals worldwide. Of those, there are less than ten film festivals that are online or have some online or Internet components. Of these ten, only Haydenfilms.com has a truly online film festival where films are viewed and reviewed online and a $10,000 cash prize for the winning filmmaker.

Hayden Craddolph, a Kutztown University graduate student soon completing his master’s degree in Electronic Media, has recently completed www.haydenfilms.com, a website offering student and independent filmmakers a unique opportunity to showcase their work.

The nearly year long development has culminated in the recent launch of the website with the nationwide launch of the First Annual Haydenfilms Online Film Festival scheduled for October 2004. Unlike other Film Festivals such as Sundance or Toronto which offer no real prize other than recognition, Haydenfilms will offers filmmakers a chance at an impressive $10,000 cash prize.

In addition to the attractive cash prize, Craddolph’s goal is to make Haydenfilms.com the premier Online Film Festival and to offer student and independent filmmakers more products and services, and more opportunities to showcase their work than any other Film Festival in existence today. With several key industry partnerships worked out and more sponsorship deals in the making, Haydenfilms.com is well on its way to meeting that goal.

To find out more about this exciting new independent film company or to set up an interview with Mr. Craddolph, please contact Anour Fenstermaker, Marketing Communications Consultant, at 610-298-8899 or send an e-mail to afenstermaker@haydenfilms.com.

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