no because it meante the loss of american lives young live at that men and women who have notyet begun to live their live and redeem theirconstitutional promises of life liberty and the pursuit of happinessi believe that the president may have felt he had no choice and perhaps he did not butiraq could have declared war on the united states we always end up looking the the world atthe united nations which is where germany surrendered to at the end of world war 11.

and there will always be the threat of nuclearfacilities and weapons abroadterrorist groups etc, wtc/ 9/11 not withstandingwhat would america do if we had an all out war on our hands..

The Joker speaks

This sent me down a rabbit hole — how much force do you need to physically remove a male genitalia from the rest of the body?

Rochester is not a dying city

A city cannot be dying if there are so many people who are pumping it with life.

A retrospective, After Hours

It is After Hours’ soloists that really make the EP, with voices from graduates I haven’t heard in years.