Clothes, valuable jewelry stolen in GilbertAround nine thousand dollars worth of jewelry and clothing were reported stolen from residents of Gilbert hall during the beginning of February, according to freshman Emily Cohen, one of the chief victims. The first incident occurred when a pair of boots left outside of a room were discovered missing, according to UR Security Investigator Dan Lafferty.On Feb. 5, several items of clothing were discovered missing from the laundry room. The items were collectively valued at $400, according to security.In the last incident, an estimated $4,430 worth of jewelry was stolen from two students living in the same room.It is believed that all but one of the missing pieces of jewelry have been recovered by the victims. “A lot of it got returned, that’s the weirdest part,” Cohen said. “Stuff was just found around the hall.”While some students believe that a certain suspect may be responsible for all of the thefts in Gilbert, the investigation did not uncover any evidence to substantiate that belief, Lafferty said.Presently, no criminal charges have been filed, but students may do so at a later time. The matter has been referred to the Dean of Students Office for further review.

Graduate students mugged on bridge Two 15-year-old juveniles were taken to the Public Safety Building by the Rochester Police Department after they attempted to rob two graduate students in separate on the Pedestrian Footbridge on Feb. 17. “I would describe [the muggers] as opportunistic,” Director of UR Security Walter Mauldin said. “They saw people and thought they’d shake them down.”The first incident was at 12:30 p.m. and the second followed immediately after.In both cases the students fled and called UR Security, and security officers responded quickly. UR Security apprehended the two near Congress Avenue and held them for RPD officers. The two minors were on break from their school and frequented the arcade in Wilson Commons, according to Director of UR Security Walter Mauldin.

Medicine thief apprehended Rochester resident Nathan Price, 52, was arrested on petit larceny charges after he stole several packages of over the counter medicines in a display in the pharmacy at Strong Memorial Hospital, according to UR Security.Price, who has been previously arrested for theft at Strong, was taken to the Public Safety Building for further processing, according to Lafferty.Information provided by UR securitySchnee can be reached at

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