It is always difficult for freshmen to arrive at a school, away from home and all the comforts and friends they had before. A lot of time and effort is spent on making freshmen comfortable when they come to UR, and rightly so. Without feeling welcome, freshmen cannot achieve their potential.For this year’s class, a very large portion of the support is coming from their own Freshman Class Council. We feel that the leaders who stepped up out of the freshman class have gone above and beyond the call of duty in planning activities and programs that have made this year far better than the norm.The planning that went into Spirit Week was well-done, and they offered one of the most exciting schedules that has been put forth by a class council in recent years. They also took the extra step and opened their activities to upperclassmen – even going so far as to advertise specifically to upperclassmen. The diversity of activities was also excellent, accenting sports and academics and simply finding ways to have fun as a class.This same level of planning has been shown throughout the year in all of the other activities that they have planned. We feel that a core of leadership this strong speaks well for the entire class. We also want to congratulate the individuals that make up the Freshman Class Council, as it takes a lot of courage and a lot of hard work to jump into the leadership at a school one has only just joined.The people who took this step obviously care about having a good experience and have notbeen afraid to share this with others from the first day that they arrived.This is one of the most active class councils that has emerged in recent years and we think that this level of activity is likely to continue as the Class of 2007 continues on their college career. We look forward to three and a half more years of activities as good as we have seen in the past semester.

University removes meal plan Option D

In accordance with new federal regulations concerning food and housing costs, the University will be removing meal plan Option D…

Respecting the earth we live on

We often forget to stop and take stock of what we are lucky to have here — both in terms of campus resources and the nature that surrounds us.

Rochester is not a dying city

A city cannot be dying if there are so many people who are pumping it with life.