Malik Evans, a UR alumnus, won his bid for a seat on the Rochester City school board in the November election. He was sworn in early January. Evans graduated from the university in 2002. He holds a degree in political science, which helped prepare him for his recent endeavor into the world of politics. “UR offered a textbook political education that can be applied to the real world,” Evans said. “Nothing prepares you or the real thing, you have to go out and do it.” His choice to study political science came from his love of both history and politics. Evans said that political science was the right move for him because it combined both his passion for history and politics. “I’ve always been in love with politics and history,” Evans said. “I was really into it. UR has a top notch political science program.” Evans, 23, is one of the youngest members to ever serve on the City of Rochester School Board. Many people doubted him and wrote him off due to his age. His victory, however, will bring a younger perspective to the board. “I thought the board needed a new face and a fresh perspective,” Evans said. Evans is a bank executive who has a strong business background. He hopes to bring part of his business experience to the school board and make it more efficient and provide a better education to the citizens of Rochester. “I want to make sure that young people get a quality education,” Evans said. Evans’ campaign mainly focused on three points – kids, finances and community. The involvement of students in after school activities and youth development programs will help develop youth’s talents and help prevent them from getting involved with drugs and crime, according to Evans’ campaign web site. His goal is to make parents, students, teachers, and school administrators accountable for the success of the students in the Rochester school system. Making sure that schools are properly financed is also another goal of Evans. Evans wants to hold the superintendent and other members of the board accountable for the fiscal health of Rochester city schools. He wants to look for cost saving measures and develop strong ties with various government agencies to ensure that the schools are properly financed. Community involvement is also very important to Evans’. He wants to make sure that parents are involved with their children’s education. He is calling for the involvement of local companies, churches, universities and colleges to help make the students in the Rochester School District receive the best education possible. One of Evans’ campaign points was a greater involvement between the University of Rochester and local Rochester area schools. “We’re in the beginning stages of connecting UR with the city school district,” Evans said. Conversations are taking place with UR and the city school district.” Evans didn’t want to comment on any specific programs at this time but was quit optimistic that the programs would start soon. Evans’ had this advice for current UR students who are looking to make their goals happen. “Do it. Go after it and surround yourself with people that can contribute to your success. Go Yellow jackets!”

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