Mitch Hedberg is a laid back type of cat. His smooth delivery and simple yet eloquent style has made him famous in the comedy circuit. This Friday he will be performing on campus, and it’s free! Unlike the two guys from “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Hedberg is funny. Some may even say hilarious. He knocks out one liners left and right, and manages to accomplish a feat most comedians cannot – he is almost completely inoffensive while maintaining a high level of humor. Hedberg was born and raised in St. Paul, Minn. He got his first break in Southern Florida when he walked into the MTV offices and convinced a producer to hire him for the show “Comikaze.” His comic genius was quickly recognized and other networks snatched him up. Comedy Central hired him for “Comedy Product,” A&E for “Comedy on the Road” and NBC for “Comedy Showcase” with Louie Anderson. Hedberg will be performing tomorrow in the Strong Auditorium. The show starts at 9 p.m. Tickets are free and can be obtained at the Common Market. An additional 75 tickets will be held for those who show up at the door without. Well by now I’ve told you where and when this event is taking place, so now you can go and see Hedberg. Well, what are you waiting for? Go and get some tickets, fool! “I bought a donut and they gave me a receipt for the donut, I don’t need a receipt for the donut man, I’ll just give you the money then you give me the donut-end of the transaction. We don’t need to bring ink and paper into this. I just can’t imagine a scenario where I’ll have to prove that I bought a donut. Some skeptical friend, ‘don’t even act like I didn’t get that donut, I got the documentation right here. Oh wait it’s at home, in the file, under D,'” HedbergGoldner can be reached at

UR Softball continues dominance with sweeps of Alfred University and Ithaca College

The Yellowjackets swept Alfred University on the road Thursday, winning both games by a score of 5–4.

UR Baseball beats Hamilton and RIT

Yellowjackets baseball beat Hamilton College on Tuesday and RIT on Friday to the scores of 11–4 and 7–4, respectively.

Dinner for Peace was an unconventional way of protesting for Palestine

The dinner showcased aspects of Palestinian culture. It was a unique way of protesting against the genocide, against the Israeli occupation, against the university’s involvement with the genocide.