One of the benefits of reviewing a demo CD is that the review ends up being short and to the point, wholly devoted to stating that based on the four songs on the demo for “Glitzkrieg,” I can say the album as a whole would probably be a good choice for anyone looking for an old-school rock collection.

The Spiders, based in San Marcos, Texas, are a blend of ’70s-style rock styles, with catchy lyrics and riff-filled melodies. The album is generally fast-paced, so if you’re looking for new rock ballads you might be disappointed. However, if you still listen to the original Aerosmith or Sex Pistols, you might find this offering desirable.

Other than the fact that there probably aren’t that many bands releasing new music of this type anymore, there isn’t really too much about this sample that is utterly compelling – I told you this would be a short review. Overall, it is a fun CD, but more for nostalgic and novelty value than anything else. However, the music is basically well-executed and the vocals are strong.

I would recommend taking a listen to “School Night Out,” a track about cruising around aimlessly in a Camaro – in opposition to their parents’ wishes, naturally – and making a decision for yourself. In general, though, I would say that the appeal of “Glitzkrieg” falls only to select audience.

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