Rochester is a pretty good place to find an exciting nightlife, but this weekend, the nightlife in the Arnold Park neighborhood will really come alive.

From the grave.

The Landmark Society of Western New York is sponsoring its 10th annual Ghost Walk, a chance for locals to walk from house to house and “encounter Rochesterians recently returned from the grave,” according to Cindy Boyer, Director of Museums and Education for the Landmark Society.

“Every year, there’s always a combination of new stories and returning hits from past years,” Boyer said.

These stories include a recounting of the Powers Hotel elevator accident, the St. Patrick’s Day Flood of 1865 and the disturbing tale of August “Crazy Gus” Russell.

“It’s cool because it’s real stories of Rochester history. You can learn something… but it’s entertaining at the same time,” Museums and Education Intern for the Landmark Society Sarah Tarka said.

Boyer agreed. “It especially appeals to young people because it’s history, told in an entertaining, evocative fashion,” she said.

Lanterned guides lead visitors from house to house in the Arnold Park neighborhood, starting from the Third Presbyterian Church on the corner of Meigs Street and East Avenue. Many of them will be in period costume and help add to the theme of early Rochester terror. Visitors who go on Saturday may even get to have Tarka, a UR junior, as their guide.

At the end of the tour, visitors will first be led to a recreated seance, and then to the Third Presbyterian Church for cider, doughnuts and a boutique offering fall-themed gifts and crafts.

Tours run from 7-9 p.m. both Friday and Saturday. Tour groups of around 40 leave every 10 minutes, and visitors trade their tickets in for tour times when they arrive.

“People will line up for hours to get on the first tour, so it’s good to get there early,” Tarka said.

A few tickets are still available from Landmark Society headquarters at 133 South Fitzhugh St., at the Chestnut Tree at 563 Titus Ave., at Parkleigh and at the Media Play stores in Henrietta and Greece. Tickets can also be ordered over the phone directly from the Landmark Society. They can be reached at 546-7029. Boyer advised that Media Play stores have the most remaining tickets.

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